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AGTV Network is an affiliate of AGTV Ministries international, a non-profit 501c 3 organization. The purpose of the Network is to  enable, churches, ministries and individuals  aspiring to produce and broadcast their own Christian TV programs to use the AGTV platform. AGTV Ministries International will provide production services, and access for broadcast on the Internet and certain Public Access Television. Funding for the services provided by AGTV Ministries International comes from generous donations from viewers and partners of AGTV.

As a member of AGTV Network, we suggest that you should read and familiarize yourself with the Tenets of Faith AGTV Ministries International has adopted. It is on this basis that your program will be vetted and broadcast through AGTV Network.
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AGTV Ministries International, 7625 Movern Lane, Warrenton, VA 20187, Phone: 571-274-1164 or 703-472-3782, 
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AGTV Lifestyles

by Davis Ekasi-Otu on 10/16/10

Watch the debut of our new show, AGTV Lifestyles. The first episode under Wellness section presented by Masheka Awari is titled "Hearty Italian Eggplant". Watch the show on AGTV Network Player on this website or our companion websites. Leave your comments on this blog or AGTV lifestyles Facebook page. Be blessed.